Listen to the red-winged blackbirds & frog chorus!
City Colleges of Chicago Wetland

Located on the Olive-Harvey College Campus
Located on the Olive-Harvey College Campus


Dr. Oliver Pergams of Olive-Harvey College's Biology Department is leading restoration of the wetland. Dr. Pergams is a conservation and evolutionary biologist whose research webpage may be found here. He is also a Master Land Management Steward in the Volunteer Stewardship Network, and a Herbicide Operator (Rights-of-Way & Aquatics) licensed by the State of Illinois.

Just as a doctor may write a prescription for a person’s health and well being, fire can be prescribed for natural areas. The City Colleges of Chicago Wetland Volunteers, along with a professional burn crew, on Dec. 12, 2011 performed the first annual controlled burn of the CCC Wetland to get rid of invasive species. We has a second burn Fall 2014. Photos of volunteers at work (including during the burn) are on the Volunteer Photos tab.

We have workdays in April, July, and November from 8:45 AM until noon. We meet in the small administration parking lot in front of the wetland. The work we will be doing includes eliminating invasive species and planting seed of native species. The work will be physical, and you will come home both tired and with a real sense of satisfaction in having helped the environment.

The schedule for 2019-20 is:
  • Oct. 5, 2019
  • April 4, 2020
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Close-up of the controlled burn Fall 2014. Looks scary but we had a big crew and it was completely safe!